Save Cabinet Space With Wall Pot Racks

wallpot racks

The majority of well-to-do European houses up to the 15th century had roomy kitchens with quite a few adjoining antechambers, including entire rooms just for storing pots and pans and other utensils, so wall pot racks were not needed. For the modern kitchen, a wall pot rack is necessary because of space limitations. Pot racks are available in a variety of finishes to match the décor of your kitchen.

Keep your pots and pans on hand with a pot rack. Why not show off your cookware on a rack? These accessories will turn your pots and pans into showpieces when hung in your kitchen. Keep your cupboard space for your small kitchen appliances and tools, and put the pots on the wall. Ease up precious space in your kitchen with pot art.


Last updated on February 18, 2018 11:13 am


What You Should Know About Wall Racks

  1.  Wall mounted pot racks save cupboard space and keep your pots and pans handy; they are perfect for average and smaller sized kitchens.
  2. Measure your wall space and work area to get an idea of whether a custom sized pot rack is right for you.
  3. Ensure your wall mount is within reach.
  4. Set aside sufficient space underneath the mount for the objects you’re going to hang from it.
  5. Your mounted pot rack should allow for the fact that pots and pans are typically between 10 and 21 inches long, without hanging hooks.
  6. Pot racks generally come in three designs – “Bar” with hooks, “Shelf” for extra storage space and “Decorative” for artistic elegance.
  7. Your pot rack can be made of wood or metal.
  8. The average rack requires lag bolts to be set securely into wall studs.