A Look At Pot Racks By Finish

potracks by finish

If you’re searching for pot racks by finish, have a look at Gentry’s, a leading maker of European-style wrought iron furniture and fixtures. They have beautifully finished pot racks, rack made of heavy gauge iron. Old world blacksmithing techniques like hand hammering and stamping are used to create these Western European pot racks. All their pot rack finishes are powder coated and durable.

You should note that not every rack would work in every kitchen. You can install a pot rack if you have sufficient ceiling height above a kitchen island or perhaps bare wall space over a kitchen counter – this will let you move your pot and pans out of your cabinet and hang them up. The height of the rack will determine which pots can fit on it. The standard size for ceiling hung pot racks is 15×30 inches, and finish types include copper, silver and brass.


Last updated on February 20, 2018 1:31 am

The Beauty Of Finishes

 Rogar pot racks come in such a broad selection of finishes – hammered copper, hammered stone, desert stone and brass – that they are certain to complement any décor and style. Nothing can replace the convenience of a pot rack, no matter if its sterling silver or humble wood, and no matter how well you use your cupboards to store your pots and pans. We carry a full line of Rogar pot racks and their accessories like brass hooks.

Then there’s the Winthrop Rectangular pot rack, available in modern black and white powder coated silver hammered chrome or copper plated finishes, and the inimitable Etagere de Pot by John Boos featuring a frame made of three wood rectangles of graduated size.